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February hello!

Hello and welcome to my blog about all things nutrition, allotments and all things associated!

I have had my allotment for 6 years now and my excitement and passion for grow your own has only increased every year since. I have been looking back on what the allotment produced last year and am so excited to expand this year and grow more different types of veg (although I have no room!!). I want to try kiwis, more varieties of tomato (which I still can't seem to get the hang of despite being one of the 'easier' veg!) and more over-wintering veggies. More importantly, I want to rescue more ex-commercial hens and give them the life they truly deservc.

Over the years I have given a home to over 20 chickens and I can't recommend it enough to fellow allotment holders - the sheer joy of watching them flourish, develop their little personalities and thoroughly enjoy their lives is everything to me :) My girls above have all passed on now but are remembered with such love X

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